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Display your martial art belts with pride with these belt display racks.

You have worked hard to earn your belts - the sweat, the bruises and sometimes even tears went into earning your belts. We have just the right displays to display your belts on. These belt display racks will be a great addition to your home or dojo.

Belt Display Rack - 10 levels

Price: $18.99

Bushido Tile Belt Display

Price: $75.99

Solid Color Belts

Price: $3.99

 Tiger Yin Yang T-Shirt

Price: $12.99

Martial art students of all styles can put years into earning their rank, that is why we believe your belts should be displayed. When you hang the belts on your display you want to also display the sweat and dirt on the belts and not just the color of the belt. It is not the color of the belt but the effort that went into the belt that matters. This is why it is not uncommon for many schools and dojo's to have the tradition of not washing their belts.

Choose from our many types of belt displays and karate belts. You will find we have some of the best quality martial art and karate products. We have many different types of karate items you can purchase, including belt displays (our specialty), karate belts, uniforms, t-shirts and gifts.


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